Secrets of romantic confessions

Rose petals are associated with romantic deeds. And how to do without them at the wedding ceremony? The ancient Romans introduced the tradition of using rose petals as an attribute at solemn events. They were the once who for the first time scattered these luxurious flowers on petals during various important events.

Petals are a great material for an original and stylish bouquet. Live rose petals garlands give a perfect line, movement, liveliness, giving the bouquet a special charm. There is one more argument in favor of such a decision – the cost of the petals is relatively low. And I dare to assure you – such elements will not be superfluous in a bouquet, especially if it is intended for a photo shoot! Such decor looks richer, more glamorous, more romantic and choosing between „Love” and „Passion”, here it is undoubtedly „Passion”.


The image of the seductress at first glance captivates and attracts, seems inaccessible, but at the same time there is a certain playfulness in her and a desire for new acquaintances and experiences. The bouquet consists of light pink roses with the addition of burgundy varieties. The new „Noa” alstromeria is almost invisible, but it is the one that gives the scarlet accents. The final touch – the almost black phalaenopsis orchid directs the gaze a bit to the center. Black feathers and dyed „coral fern” smooth the brightness of the colors at the edges of the bouquet. A wonderful black dress to the floor, trimmed with a red thread of petals with light openwork ribbons is the main motive of this image. Take your time to throw out the rose petals. You can dream and continue to enjoy the beauty.
Most often, rose petals are used in cooking and cosmetics. But for such purposes, we recommend using your own grown flowers.
Plants for business undergo special treatment, due to which they lose their beneficial properties. But you can still use the petals effectively. Create a decoration or piece of furniture. There are techniques in which the flower is not completely decomposed into petals to form a new shape, and the petals themselves become „bricks” for the new creation. You can make a lot of ordinary roses and petals, just let your imagination run wild.
A recipe for an unusual bouquet of dry rose petals.
Rose inflorescences are disassembled into separate components. Each petal is strung on a decorative thread or wire, and in this form it is dried suspended in a dark, ventilated place. After a week, you get beautiful garlands of dark shades. It can be used as decoration for interior decoration. If you add a little varnish, the colors will become more vivid, as if they were splashed with water. The next step is to create a wire structure on which one need to place the garlands. And the whole process ends with assembling the bouquet. Fresh flowers harmonize perfectly with dry material. The buds of fresh roses, alstroemeria, asters, cloves are erected between the dry petals, leaving room for reflection. In the interior, the obtained decorative elements can be used to decorate home compositions and gifts.
What girl does not dream of a romantic photo shoot in a boat decorated with flowers. Red is the color of love. It is not easy to correctly convey shades of red, so that it is not banal, does not merge into one common mass. In large works, additional colors are needed to help distinguish the details of the main tone. The basis of the entire structure were twisting willow twigs dyed black. Plagues of gold-dyed hops and light fluff clematis serve as a background for a palette of red rose, carnation, and dahlia. The dusty pink „Vallet” alstroemeria harmonizes with the model’s skin tone. A very small amount of the Princess series asters adds crimson depth. Garlands of live and dry rose petals „Black Magic” produce a variety of reds with black shades. A model in a velvet dress is a better option. It remains to be hoped that our heroes will be happy.
The author of the works is Peter Anokhin, a well-known and recognizable florist from Central Asia. Laureate of many professional competitions. In 2019, at the International Exhibition Expo 2019, Beijing in Beijing represented Kyrgyzstan for the first time at the World Flower Art Contest 2019. According to the results of the championship, he entered the twenty best florists in the world.
Some words form him: “I have this condition. It’s probably Inspiration. It is sticky. He has been haunting me since childhood. Little Petya tried to make something out of the plants, but nothing came of it. Anger arose at me and I even cried why it was impossible to do what came from above. I remember cutting a boat out of a board and someone told me in my head: that’s not it. However, I learned to express my inner world with plants. Now I understand the madness of writers, artists.”
Pyotr Anokhin