The Royal Castle in Warsaw is proud to announce, that Her Majesty „Queen of Warsaw” was among the beauties, which are creating

Polish Rose Collection in the Park Bagatelle in Paris.


That noble flower is a rose atrybute of the Royal Castle in Warsaw and the one of the 33 rose varieties, selected for historical and contemporary collection. Each of them has already been planted. The opening ceremony of the collection of Polish roses is planned for June 2023.


The official presentation of the project – a fruit of cooperation between several Polish and French institutions – took place last week, during the 3rd edition of the conference Arena Krajobrazu at the Poznań International Fair. Gardenia Out of concern for the development of the international project, its participants concluded an agreement on the continuation of cultural, scientific and promotional cooperation for the promotion of Polish cultural and horticultural heritage.

The result of cooperation between French and Polish representatives of scientific, cultural and industry institutions, initiated in 2020, it will be this one permanent collection of Polish Rose Varieties. This initiative became the foundation for international partnership.



Signatories of the agreement:


Royal Castle in Warsaw


Director Prof. dr hab. Wojciech Fałkowski,

represented by Agnieszka Żukowska,

Head of the Administration, Economic and Gardens;

Botanical Garden in Wrocław

Dr hab. Zygmunt Kącki;


The Botanic Garden of the City of Paris,

Curator of the gardens

Curator Régis Crisnaire;

The city of Kutno

Deputy Mayor of Kutno

Zbigniew  Wdowiak

President of the Polish Rose Society

Dr hab. Bożena Matysiak;


MTP Group

Chairman of the Board

Tomasz Kobierski

Represented by Jakub Patelka, Director of the Product Group at MTP


Arena Krajobrazu

President of the Management Board of the „Fractal” Foundation

Tomasz Ciesielski.




  1. „Queen of Warsaw” – breeder Łukasz Rojewski
  2. „Adam Chodun”- breeder Adam Chodun
  3. „Koszuty” – breeder Adam Chodun – damascene
  4. „Poznańska” – breeder Adam Chodun and Tomasz Bojarczuk
  5. „Radliniec” – breeder Adam Chodun
  6. „Alicja” – breeder Zbigniew Byczkowski
  7. „Navoika” – breeder Zbigniew Byczkowski
  8. „Chopin” – breeder Stanisław Żyła
  9. „Disco” – breeder Stanisław Żyła
  10. „Hanka” – breeder Stanisław Żyła
  11. „Jarocin” – breeder Stanisław Żyła
  12. „Junior” – breeder Stanisław Żyła
  13. „Mercury 2000” – breeder Stanisław Żyła
  14. „Professor Kownas” – breeder Stanisław Żyła
  15. „St. Tereska from Lisieux” – breeder Stanisław Żyła
  16. „Veneda” – breeder Stanisław Żyła
  17. „Venrosa” – breeder Stanisław Żyła
  18. „Venus” – breeder Stanisław Żyła
  19. „Kórnik” – breeder 'Arboretum Kórnickie’
  20. „Kutno” – breeder Bolesław Wituszyński
  21. „Marylka” – breeder Bolesław Wituszyński
  22. „Mikołaj Kopernik” – breeder Bolesław Wituszyński
  23. „Bolesław Wituszyński” – breeder Zygmunt Wituszyński
  24. „Irena Gołębiowska” – breeder Zygmunt Wituszyński
  25. „Mazowsze” – breeder Leopold Grąbczewski
  26. „Warszawa” – breeder Leopold Grąbczewski
  27. „Brother Roger” – breeder Łukasz Rojewski
  28. „Czesław Miłosz” – breeder Łukasz Rojewski
  29. „Goodbye Warsaw” – breeder Łukasz Rojewski
  30. „Iwona” – breeder Łukasz Rojewski
  31. „Polonica” – breeder Łukasz Rojewski
  32. „Show Time” – breeder Łukasz Rojewski
  33. „Tadeusz Kościuszko” – breeder Łukasz Rojewski


Photos: Agnieszka Żukowska,Michał Bursig