„I love plants”- Iza Tkaczyk

As the European Championship in floristry is approaching, we would like to present you silhouettes of the florists taking part in the grand competition. Ladies and gentlemen: the Master-florist of Poland, Ms Iza Tkaczyk!

What was the greatest floral moment in your life?

It’s not that I had recall one moment only. The greatest moments in my floristic life is definitely the possibility to work with plant material that I didn’t know before. Then my level of interest and excitement is always the same :). And it doesn’t matter whether it is Solanum mammosum at a competition in Japan or Cobaea scandens that blooms in my garden for the first time. I love plants and the unlimited number of their compositional and color combinations.

What is the most important for you when composing your works: technique, material or color?

It depends :). Sometimes the inspiration and impulse to create a work is a specific plant and the whole story begins with it 🙂 Sometimes those are emotions that want to „manifest” and then the color is plays the most important role. I definitely think about a technique at the end.


First there is ‘what’ I want to convey and then ‘how’.

You have developed your own individual style. Would you advise other florists to work on it as well?

The term „you have worked out” suggests a deliberate action, while I just do what I feel, see, experience … It is also difficult for me to look at my own work objectively. I think that, as in any artistic profession, an individual perspective plays an important role.


What do you hope to get with EuropaCup?

I’m looking forward to the EuropaCup to meet my long not seen friends and to make new friendships. It will also be fun to stop thinking about the topics of work and all the regulations hahaha – to free nerve ganglia for new projects :). Of course, if I „get” a medal or a cup, I will be in seventh heaven because, like every participant, I work hard and try to win the best place!