Interflora World Cup 2023 Floral World Championships Manchester, part 1

The Floral World Championships in Manchester are already behind us, we know the winner, a lot has been written about them in the media and many photos have appeared. However, I would like to systematize it a little in these next articles thanks to the beautiful photos of our collaborator Pavol Kaššák .

20 florists from all over the world took part in this most important floristic competition.

Lea Romanowski –Kanda                                               Elisabhet Palsson-Norway

Ivan Moreno –Colombia                                                 Monica Gracia Villegas-Peru

Katarina Albrechsten -Denmark                                   Emanuela Araujo -Portugal
Saija Sitolahti- Finland                                                    Hynung Hak Kim Republic of Korea
Sthepane Chantelube-France                                         Patricia Aguin Spain
Nicolaus Peters-Germany                                               Melisa Smedes Netherlands
Salomon Lenog- Hong Kong                                          Eilazabeth Newcombe United Kingdom
Atilia Nemeth-Hungary                                                  Jennifer Thomasson–USA
Daniela Pughetti-Italy                                                    Alejandro Figueria Venezuela
Hirnoroi Komtsu Japan                                                 Thanh Tran Vietnam
For me, however, the big absentee is Africa – it is a very diverse continent and it can certainly contribute a lot to the world’s floristics in the future.
All participants completed the first 4 tasks.
The names of the competition are inspired by quotes from literature
Task One Rain forest canopy Large form “To truly feel the forest canopy, we need to use different senses, and often the most useful is the sense of imagination.” – Joanna Malof The competitors had two hours to create a project, the florists could prepare for this task in advance, and at least two-thirds of the task had to be completed on si
Task 2 A beneficial tribute to bees „The buzzing of bees is the voice of the garden” Elizabeth Lawrence The Surprise Challenge challenged participants to create a design that pays homage to our favorite pollinator: the bee. In just 90 minutes, they had to use at least 75% natural material to create the honeycomb masterpiece.
Task 3 Water Wonders „Dance with the waves, move with the sea, let the rhythm of the water free your soul.” – Christy Ann Martine-table decoration Guided by this quote, participants had to design a table setting for two people. The competitors knew the content of the task in advance. They had only 2 hours to make their vision come true.