My career is a dream come true!- Hanneke Frankema

As the European Championship in floristry is approaching, we would like to present you silhouettes of the florists taking part in the grand competition. Ladies and gentelmen: the Master-florist of the Netherlands, Ms Hanneke Frankema!

My name is Hanneke Frankema, 38 years old and come from the Netherlands. I live in a small town called Scharnegoutum. I live there with my boyfriend and also my photographer Nico Alsemgeest and we have two daughters Fenna and Lisa. Flowers are my biggest passion! Since I was young I already loved flowers and making things with them, you could always find me in the garden!

I had a flower-shop for ten years and now I am a freelance florist. I travel all over the world to teach floristry, take part in diverse competitions, give floral demonstrations, make floral installations at big shows and promote flowers.  I also decorate fairs. I teach a lot in floristry and organize my own Masterclasses. I enjoy teaching a lot and give my talent to other people who love flowers just like me. I’m also a certificated judge and I was in the jury in an Dutch television program “Hollands Beste Bloemstylist” for 2 seasons. It was a big honor to me.

I’m a Master-florist for 13 years now.
I was the youngest in the floral history of the Netherlands who had this title.

My work is with a lot of details and techniques. I often work with frames but also classical work I really enjoy. During all the years I worked out my own style and people can recognize my work even if it’s not signed. I guess my works are my signature already but I think it is really important to be recognized by your works. It is very important to me.

I have won quite some competitions like the first edition of the Barcelona World Flowers Cup, several Dutch championships and got the 6th place in the European youth competition. And in 2018 year I was Dutch Champion of floristry and I am now going to the Europa Cup in Poland to represent the Netherlands! I work a lot with the best florists in the world and my whole career is a dream come true!!!

Pictures: Nico Alsemgeest