The world of floristry totally enchanted me- Gábor Nagy

As the European Championship in floristry is approaching, we would like to present you silhouettes of the florists taking part in the grand competition. Ladies and gentlemen: the Master-florist of Hungary, Mr Gábor Nagy!



After secondary school I wanted to become a doctor but that time my mom started to take part in floral competitions and I also started it. This was the time when I decided to become a floral designer. The world of floristry totally enchanted me because our family have a flower shop. My parents opened it 14 years ago so

I grew up surrounded by flowers.


In my designs I pay attention to the technique, details, colors and it is very important for me to make something new, try new materials or use the older ones in a different way. It is not just a job but a hobby and a passion for me so I try to do my best in my work.


I think working in the floristry sector these times can be tricky. The pandemic, the war, all of it made it harder but there are so many possibilities in the field of floristry. I hope in the future everything will be just better and better.


I’m looking forward to the competition. It is a great experience and every competitor can share their ideas, thoughts in which they worked in the last some months or years. It will be very exciting and I can’t wait to be there. I will try to do my best in Poland.