Petr Anokhin-Beautiful flower session among the incredible beauty of the mountain landscapes of Kyrgyzstan

I was lucky to live among the incredible beauty of the mountain landscapes of Kyrgyzstan.​ – says.​ –Petr Anokhin

A real treasure trove for a creative person.​ The picturesque mountains of red sandstone on the southern coast of Issyk-Kul in the Jety-Oguz gorge from afar resemble seven bulls lying on the ground.​ There is also the famous mountain „Broken Heart” – a place of pilgrimage for lovers, where we settled down for a photo shoot.​ Making a hat out of flowers is not a new idea, but I wanted to come up with a design that would emphasize my author’s style.​ The frame was woven from thin rush sticks and covered with rose petals.​ The fields are decorated with thin feathers, garlands of rose petals and small alstroemeria flowers.​ The inner part is stitched with bright crimson threads with sage inflorescences.​ The work turned out to be transparent and easy.”

“In my opinion, a bright accessory goes well with the romance of this place, covered with ancient legends.​ – continues the author.​ – And our photo session smoothly flowed into a tourist route.​ From the Jety-Oguz gorge we went to the wide valley of Kek-Dzhayyk (“Glade of Flowers”), from where a stunning view of the mountains overgrown almost to the very top of the ridge with spruce forests opens up, and behind them – magnificent subalpine and alpine meadows (jailoo).​ In spring and summer, there is a real celebration of flowers here – silvery stars of edelweiss, alpine daisies and asters, golden root.​ And a diverse wildlife – snow leopards, vultures and eagles, herds of fast goats, bears, wild boars, roe deer, black grouse, kekliks, pheasants.​ I want to share this with the whole world!​ Always yours, florist and photographer Pyotr Anokhin.”

Romance of Jety-Oguz Gorge Floristics and photo: Petr Anokhin @petr_anohin_
Model @daria_nazarenko
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