Invest in yourself as much as you can!- Suzana Lonjak

As the European Championship in floristry is approaching, we would like to present you silhouettes of the florists taking part in the grand competition. Ladies and gentlemen: the Master-florist of Croatia, Ms Suzana Lonjak!

What has been the biggest challenge in your floristry career so far?

My most important flower moment was when I won the National Championship of Croatian florists and became the representative of Croatia at the European Floristry Championship 2022.

What do you find particularly fascinating when creating your floral works?

I love new techniques but every technique requires suitable materials and in the end the colors tie everything together. Then a perfect piece of work is created.

I actually love everything about this job.


What would you recommend to young florists who don’t know yet in which direction they should go with regard to flower arranging?

I would advise other florist to definitely invest in themselves as much as possible, take part in various courses and increase own education and take part in many floral events because that’s the only way they will understand the true value of floristry and thus enjoy it more and more.

What are your expectations regarding Europa Cup in Katowice?

I’m honored to be a participant in this event, where I hope to meet many new wonderful people and gain new flower experiences of course!