It is now or never- Stefan van Berlo

As the European Championship in floristry is approaching, we would like to present you silhouettes of the florists taking part in the grand competition. Ladies and gentlemen: the Master-florist of Belgium, Mr Stefan van Berlo!

What has been the biggest challenge in your floristry career so far…

I have already taken part on many challenges and after every realization a next challenge follows that you are looking for or get. Publishing my birthday calendar was a challenge, organization of diverse flower events, win a Belgian championship… twice.Making the bridal bouquet for a friend presenting herself a high level skills in the floristry and will assistant me at the European Championships

…and how did you come to realize this (or not)?

Many things flow from passion and internal drive.

What do you find particularly fascinating when putting together your floral works?

I am still amazed by the beauty of flowers, I love seasonal changes and I love how you can create art pieces with flowers, how to use it creatively and also the growth process of a composition.

Can you describe your way to your current fantastic one position of a Master Florist in Belgium?

My path started during my education where I could participate in a competition with a possibility for a publication in the magazine Fleur Creatief. The jury was none other than Daniël Ost. Three students appeared in the magazine and I was one of them. That’s how it started and I continued the path of competitions and magazines, followed by international demonstrations and teaching lessons…

What would you recommend to young florists who don’t quite know yet in which direction they should go with regard to flower arranging?

Work with your heart and passion, it’s a beautiful profession but also sometimes a tough job, know that you will work many hours. Learn a lot, work up different places even abroad, give yourself time to unfold.

But in addition to the creativity, many florists should improve their background in accounting and  cost calculation of flower arrangements. How can you make for living from a job you love and also how to pay your staff….. many florists are underpaid simply because they don’t pay attention to pragmatics…. and a nice job can also be rewarded.

What are your expectations regarding the Europa Cup in Katowice?

I think every candidate hopes to score high, nobody participates to lose. My opponents I know are all top florists, so I expect a very high level in this competition. I’m going to do my very best and hope this results in good points.It is now or never..