Reach for your dreams! – Interview with the master florist, Ms Anna Wawrzyniak

This is a translation of an interview published on 17th of June 2022.

Today I would like to introduce you the master florist, Ms Anna Wawrzyniak. Anna recently won the florist competition „Play and win” organized by our portal and Sigma International Poland, representation of the association of Dutch producers Just Chrys.

Ania graduated from horticulture at the Agricultural Academy in Poznań, then postgraduate studies in Floristry at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and obtained the master’s diploma at the Mariola Miklaszewska Floristic Academy.

Michał Bursig, Floraplus: In your floristic work, you use plant material beautifully, emphasize its diversity, texture, play with color. Tell me what you like the most in floristry and what style do you prefer?

I think I like challenges the most in floristry … and that is why I currently work mainly on orders, I run the ArtAnn florist studio and this type of presence on the market makes it possible for me. I don’t like doing the same things twice. And when it comes to style, I will answer perversely … Many people say that they recognize my works just by the photos and they know that I did it – so I think I already have „my own style”. However, this does not mean that I am not looking for a further development.

You are a master florist, a graduate of the Mariola Miklaszewka Academy. What was your path to the master title?

I have been interested in floristry since my school years, when I was still a teenager. I have a large floristic library. I have been collecting floristic magazines of Polish and foreign publishers since around 1995. I have many books and albums (I think I need to count them once???). During my studies at the Agricultural University in Poznań, I completed my first floristry course, I worked in flower shops. I graduated in gardening and post-graduate in floristry at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. I was a participant of many workshops, trainings and shows. It was a path of making another dream come true and gaining the title of a master florist.

What are the most common floristic works you do on a daily basis?

Very different … starting with bouquets, but I also create compositions in dishes, arrangements of public space, restaurants and hotels. I don’t think there is a form that I don’t like to do.

A bouquet, which is what we usually do as florists, is not so simple. What is your opinion about bouquets and what do you like to make the most?

A bouquet belongs to one of my favorite forms. The most beautiful, non-binding gift, expression of respect. I love making light bouquets with an open contour. Bouquets that combine the gifts of nature from the garden or meadow with more sophisticated materials.

How do you rate the Polish florist training system?

I think there are many floristic schools in Poland that have a lot to offer. In fact, we ourselves need to know what we want and where we are going to. You have to look around and you will certainly find something suitable for you. After all, theoretical knowledge must be supported by practical skills and vice versa. One cannot exist without the other. What is important to me is to constant development. I still attend many floristry workshops because I still want more. I am already signed up for the workshops with Mr Lersch organized by Mariola Miklaszewska „till the end of my life” and this year it is obvious that I will be present at his workshop…. I am also a regular guest at the International Floristic Institute…. and I always look forward to these events. If you only can participate, do so…

You are an active participant in many floristic shows. How do you rate Polish floristry in recent years and who inspires you the most among Polish florists?

Polish floristry is constantly developing. This is visible on the amounts of new schools on the market, a wide range of workshops, the participation of Polish florists in many foreign competitions and their successes. Who inspires me? We can learn a lot from everyone – You just need to be able to look and see. I also like working on the occasion of various flower festivals, such as in Kutno or Książ – then we meet with florists from all over the country and we can also enjoy the presence of another person. We learn cooperation, strengthen bonds, meet new people. And each meeting becomes a memory that no one will take from us.

This year Poland is the host of the Europa Cup – European Floristry Championship 2022
– it will be an extraordinary event on a large scale! A beautiful holiday for all florists.
From this place, I cordially invite everyone to Katowice from 25 to 28 August.
It is also the time for promotion of the Polish floristry.
You have to be there!

Ania, I would like to congratulate you on winning the „Play and win” floristic game. Please encourage young florists to take part in florist contests in a few words.

Contests give me the opportunity to test myself, they are a challenge … you can do what we do not do on a daily basis in a florist’s or atelier’s work, they give a lot of satisfaction. They also teach lowliness…. Coping with time pressure and stress. Reach for your dreams, mine, largely with the support of my family and my relatives, are just coming true.

Ania, thank you very much for the interview.

The Polish version of the interview can be found here.